Tummy Time

Many people ask – why is tummy time important?

There are many reasons why it is important to start practicing tummy time with your baby as soon as their umbilical cord stump falls off. Of course, this is going to look different for every baby. For newborns, a minute at a time is all they need, 2 to 3 times a day. As they get older, they can stay on their tummy longer and more often.

Something to remember is to wait 20 to 30 minutes after a feeding to practice tummy time. It is also important to note that is it very normal for newborns to be fussy on their tummies – their heads are heavy and this is new for them. To have a positive experience for babies and for mothers and caretakers, try to do tummy time when the baby is rested and happy. Some times that work well for many babies are when they wake up from a nap or after a diaper change. Some other ways to make tummy time fun is to place your baby on a blanket or swaddle so they are able to enjoy the different textures when moving their arms and legs over it. A few blankets they would love are the Sweet Dreams Blanket, Warm Welcome Blanket, Everyday Swaddle, and Aerial Swaddle. By putting some toys just out of reach such as the Elephant Lovey, Gareth Rattle Buddy, and Kahuna Teether, you will encourage them to move and give them something to look at. Additionally, a mirror just out of reach is a great tool, so they can look at themselves and interact as they learn to lift their heads. This is a beautiful time to have another bonding experience with your baby. You can sing and talk to them, and make eye contact to keep them engaged and encouraged. You can also get on your babies’ level. They will naturally be looking for you, and hearing the sound of your voice will help them.

If your baby has difficult lifting their head in the beginning, as a parent or caregiver you might need to modify tummy time until your baby gets stronger. Some things you can do include having them lie on your chest while you are in a semi-reclined position or lay your baby on their belly over your lap. Additionally, you can use the Meal Time Moon Pillow or the Abode Lounger, which is not only helpful for feeding, but for tummy time as well!     

Tummy time is essential to help your baby develop their muscles, bones, and nervous systems. They need these to reach a lot of motor milestones, such as rolling over, pulling themselves up, and crawling. It helps to improve their head and neck control, strengthens their back, shoulders, and core muscles, and helps to develop hand-eye coordination. By gaining coordination, balance, and postural control, your baby will become more confident and interested in moving and exploring the world around them. Tummy time also helps decrease the chances of developing a flat spot on the back of their head. If babies do not get enough tummy time, it might take them longer to develop motor skills, and they could also develop a flat spot on the back of their head.

Another very important thing to remember is to keep your baby safe. There should always be an adult the entire time during tummy time with the baby. You should also never let your baby sleep on their stomach – they should always be awake during tummy time. If they fall asleep, you can put them on their back and try again once they wake up.

Tummy time is an exciting part of your child’s development, and we hope this has given you some insight into exploring tummy time and making it more fun with your baby!


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